Different Types of Non-Physical Sports

The games of sports have been around since ancient times. Sports refer to a number of physical activities that depend largely on human endurance and strength. In past times, sports were mainly regulated by tribal organizations and elite bodies of government. Today, professional sport events are regularly organized by various teams, sports leagues, sports medicine professionals and, in some countries, by national or municipal sports programs. The main purpose of these events is to organize competitive sports events and championships, as well as recognition of certain sports as official events of their respective countries or nations.


There are many different types of sports activities. Some of them are athletics (which includes all contact sports such as wrestling, boxing, hockey, soccer, softball, and swimming), gymnastics, motor sports (which include motor cycling, swimming, aerobics, track running, and rugby) and sports that require special equipment or gear such as hockey with skates, golf with clubs and so on. Many people consider fencing and tennis as sports, but these aren’t technically considered as physical activities because they do not require great physical strength. So you can find people who engage in these sports even when they’re not physically fit.

Chess and playing chess are considered as one of the most intellectual sports in the world today. Although it does not necessarily require great physical strength, mental power is essential to master this game. To master chess, you need to be aware of the different moves, tactics and strategy used by the different chess pieces, learn how to checkmate a particular chess piece and other important chess information. Chess has been considered as a sport where your mind really counts a lot compared to your body. You need to remember that a good player of chess not only possess a great memory but also has a sharp mind for strategy and observation.

Another type of mind sports is weightlifting. People who engage in weightlifting exercise their entire body and build great muscles. There are some who say that weightlifting is not a sport, but more of a workout. Aside from building muscles and improving the physical health, weightlifting is also considered as a mental sport because it improves the self-confidence and self-respect of an individual. There are many ways on how to do weight lifting such as performing workouts at home, taking weights at the gym or using equipment at home. Although it doesn’t require great physical strength, weightlifters must always train properly to prevent injuries.

Probably among the most popular sports today is golf, although the definition of what golf is has evolved through the years. Golf is a physical activity that requires the person to use his/her physical strength, endurance and flexibility. The player or golfer is challenged physically, mentally and also spiritually through this sport. Some of the famous and popular sports that involve golf are golf, swimming, cycling, hiking, horseback riding, tennis, cricket, and sailing.

Basically, these are just some of the non-physical sports that are a good way for individuals to improve their physical, mental and spiritual health, in addition to strengthening their muscles and bones. These sports ensure fair competition among individuals and even among teams, in terms of physical and mental strength. This ensures that people will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of sports and gain physical, mental and spiritual benefits in the process.

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