The Definition of Sports

Sports (or sports) involves any form of usually athletic physical activity that, through organized or casual involvement, attempt to utilize, enhance or improve certain physical capabilities and skills for the purpose of providing entertainment, and at times, participants, spectators and other people involved in the activity. There are a lot of sports activities such as skiing, motorbike racing, golf, soccer, tennis, billiards, hockey, basketball, softball, baseball, rugby and others that athletes and enthusiasts can take part in, with the number of people who engage in them growing each year. These sports activities are popular not only because of their potential profitability but also due to the physical and mental benefits that they provide their participants. Sports have been proven to have positive health effects not only for the participant but also for the spectators and other people who may be involved in the sport or exercise.


In its broadest sense, sports can be defined as “any athletic contact sport in which the performance of physical actions is the object of intense mental and physical exertion”. The meaning of the term “sport” has changed significantly over time. In the early days of the Olympics, for example, the games were primarily contested by teams; today, any game played outside a formal competition (such as a school football game) can be considered to be sports. In this way, the definition of sports has become very broad and it now encompasses a wide variety of games including non-physical activities such as hobbies and recreational activities.

Sports activities differ from one country to another and to different sporting standards in different countries. For example, in the United States, baseball is widely regarded as a more active and strenuous sport than other major league baseball teams. However, the United Kingdom has developed a widely regarded and acclaimed National Football Team, which is widely viewed as one of the most exciting and challenging sports in the world. The National Football Team enjoys considerable popularity and has a devoted fan base in the UK.

There are several important factors that influence the competitive nature of sports. These include the ability of an individual to master a particular athletic activity, the degree of physical prowess or talent, the degree of participation by an individual’s team, the existence of an established or “professional” sport infrastructure and the attitude or behavior of the participants in the events. In sports with established infrastructure, the participants or competitors typically have a set degree of physical prowess or talent which is enhanced by training. Such sports can be described as competitive, because the participant must use his or her physical prowess to win the game. This may involve using speed, agility, strength and balanced skills, among others.

On the other hand, the definition of sport itself involves a certain degree of personal interaction or physical activity, which may not necessarily involve competing. Competitions in sports may also refer to competition between two or more individuals who are of the same sex, or between two or more competitors who are of different sexes. These may also include competitions in sports where the winner is decided by the amount of time the competitors spend in the actual sport itself. A game is not considered a sport unless it meets the standards of accepted norms and standards.

Athletic training, practice, sport equipment, rules, strategies and competition are all necessary for sports competition, and each of these requires an appropriate degree of physical exertion on the part of the participant. Sports activities include contact sports such as wrestling and boxing, as well as non-contact sports such as cycling, fencing, gymnastics, skiing and football. Non-contact sports involve a lesser degree of physical exertion and involve less direct contact between players. Although many activities require a certain amount of exertion on the part of the participant, many games require only a small amount of physical exertion, which is what distinguishes a game of football from a game of basketball. The term “exertion” refers to the expenditure of mental or physical effort. This definition of the term has been used throughout the history of the study of sports, and is obviously very applicable to sports.

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