The Different Game Genres of Gamers

Computer and gaming are usually thought of as the same thing but the reality is quite different. A computer game is usually an electronic game which entails interaction with an input device or user interface like a mouse, touch screen, keyboard, joystick, or infrared motion sensor camera-to generate virtual visual feedback to the user. This type of computer games generally requires the use of a headset for communication purposes. The gaming experience can be highly complex and demanding and can involve graphics and sounds, complex programming, audio output and input, and lots of network communications.


For many years, console gaming was the gaming industry leader. Console gaming devices include Nintendo Wii, PlayStation, Xbox, Play station 3, Wii Fit, and many more. However, in recent years handheld gaming devices have started to become popular. Portable gaming device includes PSP, Nintendo DS, and mobile phones. As you can see, handheld gaming devices are quite popular with teens and adults alike.

Teenagers love to play Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 2, PSP, and the like. Adults also enjoy playing these consoles. These handheld gaming devices come in many different sizes and price ranges. Prices for teens and adults range from around forty dollars to over one hundred dollars.

Teenagers like to play games such as Nintendo Wii because it allows them to get real time interactive fun. They can also communicate with other teen gamers online and compete with them. Many teens like to play racing games and some like to play platform games. Regardless of what they like to play, most teens enjoy playing different games.

Older kids tend to play more complicated games that involve a lot of moving and interacting with objects. They also enjoy creating virtual worlds in which they can go to and explore. They tend to be more interested in role playing and interactive computer games than they are in gaming consoles. Those who spend a lot of time at home are likely to be more likely to be familiar with using modern technology and playing games on the Internet.

Gaming is fun for all ages and there is no one category of game play. All gamers enjoy having different game genres. They are used to having their choices and having the freedom to choose games played while in a group or alone. When a gamer wants to try something new, they might decide to try first-person shooters or first-person brawlers. Regardless of what they like, they probably won’t have a problem finding games played by all types of gamers.

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