Types of Video Game and Their Purpose

A game is basically a structured form of simulated play, sometimes used for fun or entertainment, and at times used as a teaching tool. Games are quite different from work, which traditionally is done for remuneration, or for academic study. A game can teach valuable lessons in the game itself, such as patterning, logic, memorization, strategy, and problem solving. In many cases, the child will not even remember how he/she played the game, let alone that it taught any lessons to him/her.


With advancements in technology, video games have become an important part of the lives of children and adults alike. Most people do not consider video games to be a form of art. In fact, this has caused a considerable change in the way that game mechanics are perceived. There are many different types of game mechanics available. Some of these include text-based games, multi-player games, massively multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPGs) and the simulation of real-world physical activities.

Text-based adventure games typically follow a fixed format where the game states what action should be performed and the player should react accordingly. For example, if a player clicks on the sword icon, the game will tell him to pick up the sword. Action is performed by changing the player’s actions in accordance with what is displayed on the screen. The action may range from simply moving the cursor to a sword being picked up or hitting a monster. These games usually have difficulty levels and are therefore popular with casual gamers who prefer a game that requires minimal interaction.

Next is the action-adventure genre. In this type of game, the player assumes the role of a protagonist in a story about a fantasy world in which a war is ongoing. The player will have to take up arms and engage in combat using a variety of weapons. Most action-adventures are multiplayer games that feature elaborate storyline and a complex world- within this world. Many video game consoles are capable of supporting high definition graphics, so players are not limited by the lower resolution when playing this game genre.

Another type of game that combines action and text-based adventure is the visual novel. Visual novels, as they are sometimes called, combine highly interactive gameplay with excellent written characters. For instance, in visual novels, players can manipulate the major characters like the protagonist in the game as they make dialogues with other characters. They can also control major objects in the game world like running across an ocean on a hover craft. Most visual novels are adult oriented, but there are some very adult visual novels available for players who prefer them.

Last but not least, there is the interactive movie. Similar to visual novels, interactive movies combine highly interactive gameplay with highly detailed and descriptive writing. Many interactive movie producers are experimenting with the concept of narrative writing by creating an interactive movie directly within the video game. This makes this genre of video game much more fun to play and much more fun to experiment with.

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