Video Game Enthusiasts

Gaming has been defined as the application of one’s senses in relation to the physical environment. This includes the use of the five senses (sense 5 refers to the human eye). One of the most popular games that utilize these senses is playing video games. In today’s technological society, computer games have taken the world of gaming to new heights.

Video gaming is a form of interactive entertainment and communication developed and perfected by computer programmers to provide a fun and safe outlet for users to interact with one another via wired network connections or a Personal Computer (PC). A video game is a computer game or an electronic game which involves interaction with an external user interface (an apparatus, device, computer program) or input device – including a mouse, joystick, keyboard, or touch screen device – to generate visual output. Video games that involve interaction with the scenery or other in-game items are known as “first-person” games. There are many different types of video games, but the most common types of games include:

Video Poker. This is a multiplayer (player versus player) card game where two or more people are seated in a common table and are given a hand of cards (suit A-H) and are trying to make the best possible hand to get as much as possible, before the other players do. The winning player is the one who finishes first. This is a classic video game that has entertained many generations of gaming enthusiasts. Two people can play Video Poker at the same time if both are connected to the Internet or if each player has a Personal Computer with an Internet connection or a LAN connection that is fast enough to allow for two players to connect at the same time. In the latter case, the action can be played in real time, through a web cam, or by transferring the data from a PC to a TV using an Internet browser.

Massive Multiplayer Online Role- Playing Game(MMORPG). Also known as massively multiplayer online role playing games, or MMORPG, these games are set in a world that is divided into a number of regions or zones. In a MMORPG, the game world consists of hundreds or thousands of individual maps, which are each unique and offer a unique set of challenges to the player characters of all levels. As in any type of multiplayer gaming, each player interacts with the computer or with another human player via a game interface to engage in combat, work together to build or develop the civilization within the game, or go on quests and explore the environment.

Animation Software. Video game programmers and animators are integral members of the video game industry who create the characters, weapons, and backgrounds that players will play the character, or view while playing video games. One of the most important aspects of video games is the animation or character. Most video game programmers and animators work as independent contractors but some companies hire both individuals and companies to create new characters, weapons, and worlds for their games. A good example of this is Rare, the makers of Golden Eye and Space Invaders, who hired a team of animators and programmers to create new characters and worlds for their games.

Consoles and PCs. Gaming consoles such as Play Station, Nintendo Wii, and Xbox 360 allow users to play video games through the television instead of a personal computer. Internet connections must be used to use these consoles, and may also require a router or wireless connection. Internet usage and speeds are limited by the internet provider. Playing online games over the internet may be free, but requires a broadband or wireless internet connection.

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