Video Gaming Industry Growing at an Upside That’s Not Short of Opportunities


Video Gaming Industry Growing at an Upside That’s Not Short of Opportunities

In the past, gaming was strictly for boys. Then PlayStation 2 and Xbox were released, giving all-ages and genders access to gaming, often using controllers. The prevalence of these newer gaming platforms has made gaming much more mainstream, but it’s not necessarily for everyone.

In a recent study by Entertainment Data Corporation, almost 60 percent of U.S. households now have at least one game console. Most households have more than one game console, and in many cases, multiple systems. Most players are male, and the average age is 34. Younger players are steadily increasing, but the majority of players are over age 40. Gaming is predominantly a male pastime, and there is a strong player demographic for older players as well, especially with the release of new consoles such as Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. So why is gaming becoming so popular?

One reason is the player demographic. Younger players, in particular, have a tendency to become overly attached to a single video game. They develop a deep connection with a game character and become fans, watching the game grow in popularity as the characters’ story is developed and expanded. Video game sales and revenues have soared because people who are not interested in them are forced to buy them in order to participate in the highly competitive world of gaming.

Another reason is the ability to connect with other players who share the same interests. Online communities are springing up, allowing gamers to discuss issues of common interest and create new online friendships. There is no better place to find like-minded people and to share your thoughts, experiences, and even tips with one another. You can also find support from other players when you are having some struggles in your game. Chatting with others who are having the same problems can help you find the solution you need to get past a difficult area of your game.

In addition to these benefits to the video gaming industry, we see other areas of the industry that are booming as well. Digital tablets and mobile computing are both growing in popularity, creating a strong market for handheld gaming devices. We’ve also seen growth in online gaming through the use of social networking websites. The only thing that could possibly be a bigger opportunity for the gaming industry is the gaming technology that allows people to interact with each other non-physically.

This could revolutionize the video game market. With this technology, game designers could create fully 3D games that recreate real life cities and entire worlds. Players could be taking part in an economic transaction while they are sitting in their living room. Imagine how much more popular video games would become if that was the case. It’s certainly a possibility, and we may soon witness the next great leap forward in the history of video games.

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