What Is the Main Articles of Overall Health and Wellness?

Health is a condition of mental, physical and social well being where infirmity and illness are absent. Different definitions have been used for various purposes over the years. There have even been discussions to resolve what health is. One school of thought believes that health is living a happy, healthy life in a society that ensures health for everyone. By definition, the goal of health is the promotion of health for the people, through education, practices and policies.


In this piece, we will discuss some of the major articles related to health and well-being. One school of thought believes that happiness is an innate quality. Happiness is defined as the state or attitude that produces satisfaction, completeness and confidence. Satisfaction is seen as the main articles associated with health and wellness. For other schools of thought, well-being is the state that encompasses mental health, physical health and emotional health.

The third main article is public health. Public health is concerned with the overall health of a society. This is because the condition of a society influences the condition of its residents. The state of public health is governed by the National Institutes of Health who defines the main article of public health as the “efficient development of the human body and promote good health, wealth and power”. The institute also stipulates, “Health is the sum of the habits, condition, environment, and physical and mental qualities of an individual”.

The fourth main article associated with public health is the management of chronic diseases. Chronic diseases are those that do not respond to usual medical treatment or those that result from an underlying cause that is difficult to identify. As with the management of major diseases, chronic diseases require ongoing management. Chronic conditions are those that plague a community for a long time or those that are difficult to eliminate. In order to address these conditions effectively, public health services include community health care, comprehensive health care programs, and community preventive health programs.

The fifth main article of public health is occupational safety. Occupational safety focuses on the protection of workers from various health problems that may arise in the workplace. These include death, accidents, and severe illnesses. Prevention through occupational safety programs is one way to prevent illness. The main article of occupational safety concerns occupational illnesses including poor ergonomics, exposure to toxic substances, repetitive motion, and diseases involving heat, chemicals, and electricity.

The sixth main article of overall health and wellness is sleep deprivation. Experts have said that sleep deprivation is now considered a serious issue. In order to avoid sleep deprivation, experts recommend getting enough sleep. The following main articles of overall health and wellness advise people to get adequate sleep:

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